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ordering/care for your jewelry and art

Covid-19 work precautions:

Dear customers, I hope you are all weathering this storm with big faith and are in good health.  

Please rest assured that any work I am doing, equipment, tools, boxes, packing supplies, are sanitized on a daily basis. Before shipping to you I will prep your purchase with either ultraviolet light or with disinfectant wipes.

I am and will continue safe distancing, hand washing and social isolation for as long as necessary.

FYI - I've had both of my vaccination shots.


Your new jewelry contains breakable glass and/or ceramic elements. Please handle gently and always return necklaces, bracelets, earrings to their original boxes including bubble wrap. (refresh with new bubble as needed)  Do not place on hard surfaces. These pieces can break if dropped, banged or bumped. Transport and travel with jewelry in the boxes (not soft pouches or the bottom of your bag)



- Glass and ceramic jewelry and art can be wiped with soft cloth

- Peals/Gemstones, crystals: wipe off make-up/oils with soft cloth

- Bone/Turquoise: may naturally discolor with wear, use soft cloth

- Sterling Silver: use silver polishing cloth

- Copper: cleaners specifically labelled for copper (can purchase from grocery stores)

RINGS: are not designed to be bent and re-bent to wear on different fingers or for comfort ... once your ring has been sized, DO NOT continually re-size, open and close ... it will eventually break.

ARTWORK: use a soft cloth to dust as needed. Hand wash plates, bowls ... serve dry foods only with napkin underneath (cookies, candies, breads, nuts, etc.)  Sturdy one piece art holders are best for the weight of the glass. 


RETURNS:  Online purchases can be returned and refunded less shipping cost, within 2 weeks of receiving if returned undamaged.  Exchange-only or credit towards new item returns allowed for jewelry purchased in person at art or trunk shows within 2 weeks of purchase.  Items should be returned in same mailing box and materials it was received in to prevent damage in the mail; items damaged due to poor packing will not be refunded.



I am very concerned with the quality of my work. Please don't hesitate to call or email me with any repair concerns. If a repair is needed due to breakage caused by the customer, a charge for time and materials will be incurred. If there is a problem due to my craftsmanship or quality, I will repair at no charge and reimburse your return shipping charge.  Please do not mail items to me without contacting me first.

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